Vietnamese student accidentally leaves camera on while being intimate during online class

The pandemic pushed offices and educational institutes virtual as ‘work from home’ and online classes became the new normal. This has resulted in some bizarre incidents.

In one such incident, a university student was caught in the act with his partner during an online class. This incident was reported from Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam.

Local media reports said the student forgot to close his camera, the act did not go unnoticed by his professor and classmates.

A short clip of the student engaged in the intimate act was leaked on social media last week.

The student who was unaware of the camera, realised his mistake after his professor shouted at him. Therefore, he rushed to turn off the camera and put on his clothes.

The student had sent an apology note to his professor and his other classmates for the inappropriate incident.

The university also confirmed the incident and reminded the students to maintain proper discipline and appropriate behaviour while attending online classes.