Vienna museums open OnlyFans account to display ‘explicit’ artworks

The city of Vienna is taking an offbeat approach to the censorship of art and has turned to using the adults-only online platform OnlyFans to put its most “explicit” artworks on full display.

The tourism board for the Austrian capital is now presenting art from four of Vienna’s most revered museums on the adults-only platform in response to the blocking of some artistic content containing nudity on social media.

Some of Austria’s museums, including the Albertina Museum and the Leopold Museum, have recently been presented with problems when posting their artwork to social accounts.

Back in 2019, Instagram said that a painting by the legendary Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens violated its community guidelines. Earlier this year, Facebook flagged Leopold Museum’s 20th anniversary video as “potentially pornographic”.

Now, these works can be found on full, unfiltered display on OnlyFans, a subscription-based website best known as a platform for adult content.

The tourism board also said “Vienna and its art institutions are among the casualties of this new wave of prudishness,” and stated that’s why they decided to put “the capital’s world-famous ‘explicit’ artworks on OnlyFans.”

Vienna’s tourism board also referred to the uncensored nature of OnlyFans and said that the platform “shook up social media by giving creators a platform to share content”.

Any subscribers to the account will receive either a free Vienna city card or a free ticket to any of the featured museums.