Video of woman showing off her five-inch middle finger goes viral

A video of a girl showing her five-inch middle finger has recently gone viral on the internet.

Olivia Mercea, 16, from Arizona made a fun video on TikTok, showing off her finger which has been viewed over four million times on TikTok.

She also gained 22,000 followers on TikTok following the video.

While talking to Ladbible, Olivia said she was insecure about the size of her finger. But eventually owned up to the fact that she has the longer middle finger and thought it to be quite funny. That is when she decided to make the video.

She added in her video that her toes are worse.

Olivia also mentioned that “it is so awesome and crazy to think that I am even talking to you about having an article on my finger.”

Olivia is in hopes that her TikTok video has reached out to a large number of audiences and it will help kickstart her modelling career.