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Video of massive waterspout over Dalian Bay goes viral

A video of a massive waterspout over surface of Dalian Bay in China has gone viral on the internet.

According to experts, these mini tornado-like waterspouts are created as a result of showers and thunderstorms and usually form in light wind conditions. In China, people often refer to them as as ‘dragon sucking water’.

In the clip the waterspout can be seen rising towards the sky. The column loses its strength with time and becomes thinner towards the end.

Waterspouts mostly occur in the tropics regions and are observed throughout the world, including coastal areas of Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica. They are usually categorized into three types: non-tornadic or fair-weather, tornadic and dnowspout.

While tornadic waterspouts are strong in nature and are capable of severe damage and destruction, fair-weather waterspouts are much weaker and occur due to varying atmospheric activities. The snowspouts, also known as winter waterspout, are comparatively very rare and are formed in areas where the temperature is very low.

The waterspouts can pose a threat to the marine creatures and also to people if they get caught up in the whirling column due to close proximity, while passing by in a boat or an aircraft.