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Video of man marrying 37th time in front of his 28 wives, 135 children and 126 grandchildren goes viral

An internet video going viral shows a man reportedly getting married for the 37th time. Yes! You read that number right.

This bizarre viral clip was shared on Twitter with the caption “Bravest Living man” and claimed that his 37th wedding took place in front of his 28 wives, 135 children and 126 grandchildren.

However, it is not clear as to when and where this video was shot.

Many viewers lashed out at the man for his actions and wondered if it was even possible in the 21st century.

In another similar story that was shared online recently, a man from Zimbabwe revealed that he was looking to marry for the 17th time.

A 66-year old war veteran Mishek Nyandoro who already had 16 wives and 151 children said he has a target of marrying 100 women and wants to have 1000 children before his death.

While Mishek himself is unemployed, many of his sons hold government jobs and look after the expenses of the house. His last marriage was in 2017, after which he took a short break but now wanted to get married again.