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Video of man eating wriggling worms alive resurfaces amid coronavirus fears

A disturbing video has gone viral on the internet where a man is seen eating worms alive.

The Sun recently shared a video on Twitter where a young man from Hanoi, Vietnam, is sitting in a restaurant. In front of him is a plate full of wriggling worms. Even though the incident is originally from 2018, it seems that the video has re-surfaced following widespread coronavirus fears around the world.

The cuisine is a Vietnamese delicacy called Coconut worms, which is actually yellow Larva. While sharing the video, the account wrote, “Would you ever eat something that’s still moving on the plate?”

In the video, a man wearing a white t-shirt and holding chopsticks in his hands, picks up the moving worms out of the bowl and puts it in his mouth. He slowly chews the ‘food’, before nodding in approval.

A comment from @Pnakosis read “Aaaaand this is why we have the coronavirus”.

Another user @marialouisa2020 wrote, “That Is Disgusting”.

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