Video of Injured stray dog walking into pharmacy for help goes viral

A video of an injured stray dog walking into a pharmacy has gone viral on the internet. The clip shared thousands of times reassures that humanity still exists.

According to reports, last week in Istanbul, Turkey, an injured stray dog entered a pharmacy run by Banu Cengiz. As an animal lover, Ms. Cengiz thoughtfully provided beds inside the pharmacy for stray dogs to lounge on. However, this particular dog, instead of using the beds, stood expectantly at the door.

Bleeding from a cut on her paw, this dog was clearly injured. Security footage from the pharmacy shows her standing on the doorway, looking for help that the pharmacist soon provided.

The video shows Banu treating the injured dog by cleaning the wound with antiseptic and gave her antibiotics.

The video has gone viral on social media, thousands of people appreciated Ms. Cengiz’s act of kindness.

Source : Various