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Video of a man showering a giant brown bear with a gardening pipe goes viral

A 3-minute video of a bear taking a bath with the help of a man has surfaced online.

In the video a bear approaches a man who is standing with a pipe. The man starts showering the bear with water and he seems to be enjoying this.

The man can be seen approaching the brown bear closely and touching him in order to clean him properly. The bear also seems under control and is calm despite the close proximity at which the man is standing.

Taking the cleaning process one step higher, the man then brings a liquid soap to wash the bear properly. It is a possibility that the bear was tamed by this man, otherwise bears are not usually comfortable around humans.

Towards the end of the video, when the man was rubbing liquid soap on the back of the video, the bear can be seen grabbing the man’s arm in his mouth.