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Video of a man punching his dog goes viral on the internet

A video of a man hitting his dog has gone viral on the internet.

In the video the man can be seen walking with his dog when the canine tried to run away.

The man stopped and started punching the dog and then he walked away with her. As the reports suggest, the small puppy is a female pitbull/Labrador mix named Addison.

As per the reports published by Daily Mail, the dog was taken away from him after he was reported by Stacey Rybak, who shot the video on her phone. She reported the incident to 911.

Talking about the same, she said to Daily Mail that she was in shock after seeing a grown man punch a poor helpless dog. She also revealed that the man was first hitting the dog with far more violence when she first found him. She was quoted as saying, “What I got on video was not near as bad as the first time I wasn’t able to record”.

Boynton Beach Police are investigating the matter and took Addison to a veterinarian to get her checked. The dog will be kept at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control until the investigation is finished. An animal abuse investigator will go to the man’s home for a welfare check on the other animals.

The man, who was filmed in the video, when approached by WPFB 25 news stated that he was angry because Addison got out of the house ignoring commands to come back and went to the nearby Intracoastal Park. He also revealed that she was playing with a smaller dog who was afraid, which made him enraged.

He further said that he loves his dog to death and wants her back. The man was quoted as saying, “I understand what I did was not right and I regret it and it’s a life lesson and the dog is not injured, the dog loves me to death and I love her to death, so it’s a situation I have to deal with”.

According to an Officer in relation to the case it is not a felony to punch a dog in Florida.