Veterinarians perform surgery on a pregnant cockroach in Russia

Veterinarians in Russia have performed a surgery on a pregnant cockroach. The operation was performed in Krasnoyarsk city of the Siberian region.

The cockroach had reportedly developed complications while giving birth to her offspring. The cocoon that carried the young one failed to draw inside her body and remained exposed to the outer environment.

This was a pet cockroach and when the owner realized that the insect was facing difficulties, he immediately took her to a nearby veterinary clinic.

For the veterinarians, performing a surgery on a tiny creature was a big challenge. They used as many as three painkillers – an internal drug, a local anesthetic and gas anaesthesia – during the complicated surgery. Then the doctors then removed the egg pouch from the cockroach’s body.

The cockroach was identified as Archimandrita cockroach, originally found in the forests of South America. The cockroach can grow up to eight centimetres.

If the doctors hadn’t removed the egg pouch from the cockroach, it would have developed infections and would have put the insect’s life at risk.