Venezuela suffers another nationwide blackout

President Nicolás Maduro’s of Venezuela called for calm after millions of Venezuelans were again plunged into darkness on a nationwide blackout. Reports say it has affected 21 of its 23 states and the capital, Caracas.

Speaking to a television channel the communications minister, Jorge Rodríguez, claimed it was the result of a “brutal” attack on a hydroelectric plant on Monday night.

The new blackout yet to be resolved comes after a days after the entire country was paralysed by a six day power failure.

“We want to ask the people of Venezuela to assist us in this recovery process by continuing to show the tranquility and strength we have demonstrated in recent days because we will manage to defeat this electricity war against the people of Venezuela. We are working with great determination,” Rodríguez said.

His sister, the vice-president, Delcy Rodríguez, accused Venezuela’s opposition led by Juan Guaidó and his supporter Washington for causing another major blackout.

However, neither of the siblings were able to provide evidence of any US conspiracy or involvement of Venezuela’s opposition for the power failure. People suspect they are the result of crumbling infrastructure caused by years of corruption, incompetence and under-investment.

Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who declared himself Venezuela’s rightful interim president in January and is now recognised by most western governments tweeted, “They are liars and they are corrupt .. Right now we are planning actions to express the indignation of the entire population which will no longer tolerate the trickery of those responsible for the disaster they have turned Venezuela into.”

Venezuela’s capital was left almost entirely in the dark when electricity went off shortly before 10pm on Monday.

For now school and work was cancelled.