Vancouver: 32-year-old man bites police service dog during arrest, dog bites back

A 32-year-old-man is facing charges after a Vancouver Police dog was injured while responding to a violent crime.

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) responded to a social housing complex that houses women and children shortly after a man allegedly threatened several people and kicked resident’s door.

The suspect fled the scene on hearing police sirens. However police officers tracked him to a building nearby.

The suspect resisted arrest and bit a Police Service Dog named Mando, who was assisting in the arrest.

With help from the injured dog, officers were lucky to be able to gain control of the man and placed him in handcuffs.

Both the suspect and the police service dog Mando suffered minor bite injuries. While the suspect was treated at a hospital, Mando was taken to an in-house vet for treatment.

Police are recommending multiple charges against the suspect, not only for violence at the housing complex but also for attacking the service dog.

According to a new law that came into effect in 2015, harsher punishments were handed for injuring service animals. It carries a maximum sentence of five years; but also provides for a six-month mandatory minimum sentence if the animal was intentionally injured.