Van driver managed to escape death after his vehicle gets crushed between two lorries

A van driver managed to escape with only “very slight injuries” after his vehicle was crushed between two lorries.

According to Leicestershire Live, the crash led to all four lanes of the motorway being closed for hours.

The driver of the van was told her was very lucky to have escaped such a collision without major injuries.

“The driver of the van in the middle (yes that’s a van) was told to get a lottery ticket. Very happy to report only very slight injuries,” Leicestershire Police Specials tweeted while sharing the picture.

“I was caught in the aftermath of this closure!! Horrible sight to see and money would’ve been placed on a fatality for sure. Fortunately the van driver was out of the vehicle at the time and attending to a recovery so was able to flee quickly!” one Facebook user recounted.

“Don’t think he should do the lottery as he has used all his luck surviving that,” another said.