USD 2 Billion Scamster Mehul Choksi Cannot Travel To India

Thirteen thousand crore scamster Mehul Choksi  told the Mumbai court that he cannot travel to India as he cannot bear a 41-hour journey from Antigua because of his poor health.

In a written reply Mehul Choksi told the court that ED (Enforcement Directorate) Mislead the court by not revealing his health condition and the fact that he has been in touch with banks and wants to settle his dues. Choksi said he was willing to join the investigation through video-conferencing.

The ED was waiting for the court to declare Mehul Choksi as an economic offender so that it could begin seizing his properties.

Mehul Choksi was granted Antigua and Barbuda citizenship and is residing there since last year. Choksi along with his nephew Nirav Modi did a fraud of  ₹13,000 crore with securing loans from Punjab National Bank.

Earlier this month the interpol issued a red corner notice against Choksi.

Choksis' lawyer told the court if his health improves in the next three months he could fly down to India.

India and Antigua do not have a bilateral extradition pact, India is using its clout as a member of commonwealth nation to get hold of Mehul Choksi.