USA 2020: Possible Outcomes of November 3 Presidential Elections

The U.S. presidential election is the most widely and closely watched electoral contest anywhere on planet Earth.

Like most Americans, people around the world believe that the U.S. president is the most powerful person.

The election results won’t only have an impact on the United States but also the world. There are three possible outcomes of the November 3 presidential elections.

Trump Wins:

Like 2016, all the opinion polls can go wrong and people could give Donald Trump another chance to redeem himself.

Moreover if Mr. Trump wins, it means that people found him more vibrant and vigorous than his opposition.

Vice President Joe Biden belongs to the old guard, and therefore age could be a key factor even though they are just only three years apart.

The results of Pennsylvania and Florida need to go Trump’s for his to happen.

Biden Wins:

If the polls are right, Joe Biden would see a comfortable win or maybe even a landslide.

Mr. Biden has been a favourite in most states except for Florida, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina according to projections from fivethirtyeight.

Anti-incumbency is something huge that Biden is banking on.

The mishandling of the explosion of coronavirus and the economic slowdown are key issues that Biden hopes will work in his favour.


2020 has been a strange year, if it could get any worse a draw is on the cards. If both Trump and Biden secure 269 Electoral College votes the action would move to the United States House of Representatives.

As of now it has happened three times in the nation’s history, the last time in 1877. And if a president is not chosen till the constitutional deadline of 14 December, then the default line of succession would kick in, making a possibility of presidency with Nancy Pelosi or Mike Pompeo.