US troops left behind 73 aircrafts, 70 armoured vehicles and 27 Humvees for Taliban at Kabul Airport

The US army made sure to disable their aircraft and armed vehicles left behind at Kabul Airport before they flew out on Monday night, officials say.

Mission commander General Kenneth McKenzie said troops “demilitarized” 73 aircraft, 70 armoured tactical vehicles and 27 Humvees so they wouldn’t be used by the Taliban.

“Those aircraft will never fly again… They’ll never be able to be operated by anyone,” he said.

A video posted by a Los Angeles Times reporter showed the Taliban entering an airport hangar and inspecting US aircraft.

The US also disabled its high-tech rocket defence system – which it left behind at the airport too. It included the C-RAM system that sprung into action on Monday to counter an Islamic State rocket attack on the airport.

Taliban fighters over the past weeks have been seen with a range of US-produced military weapons and vehicles. These had originally been provided to the Afghan national army, but when those forces quickly surrendered, leaving everything into the hands of the Taliban instead.

Officials said troops did not blow up the equipment in order to ensure they left the airport workable for future flights, once those begin again.