US deploys Patriot missile system in Middle East after Iran “ultimatums”

The United States is sending a Patriot missile-defence system to the Middle East amid escalating tensions with Iran. A warship, USS Arlington, with amphibious vehicles and aircraft on board, will also join the USS Abraham Lincoln strike group in the Gulf. The US B-52 bombers have arrived at a base in Qatar, the Pentagon announced.

The US said the moves were a response to a possible threat to US forces in the region by Iran, without specifying. Iran dismissed the claim as nonsense, however describing the deployments as “psychological warfare” aimed at intimidating the country.

All this activity after Iran threatened to resume stockpiling of uranium enrichment nuclear activities.

The Pentagon said it was just responding to the threats to the US and it’s forces. In a statement on Friday Pentagon said only that Washington was “ready to defend US forces and interests in the region”, adding that the US did not seek conflict with Iran. There are about 5,200 US troops currently deployed in neighbouring Iraq.

The Patriot system can counter ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and advanced aircrafts. The USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier navy ship passed through the Suez Canal on Thursday and was on its way to strengthen forces. Iran’s senior cleric Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, said that the US military fleet could be “destroyed with one missile”.

History of the tensions :

The tensions between Iran and US spiked when US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from a landmark nuclear deal America and other nations had agreed with Iran in 2015. Under the agreement Iran had agreed to limit its sensitive nuclear activities and allow in international inspectors in return for sanctions relief.

After this US began to build sanctions on Iran’s oil being sold to the world, with a few exceptions to nations such as China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey. The sanctions curved down the Iranian economy, pushing the value of its currency to record lows, driving away foreign investors, and triggering protests.

Since Iran’s economy was failing the nation decided to suspended two commitments under the 2015 accord in response to the economic sanctions the US had re-imposed. It also threatened to step up uranium enrichment if it was not shielded from the sanctions’ effects within 60 days.

However US’s main European allies, along with Russia and China, disagree with Trump calling the deal bad. Since there is huge pressure on Iran’s  economy the nation has decided to act.

With time the danger of the conflict will only grow until any of the nations bow before to make truce.

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