UP student submits video proof against BJP leader Chinmayanand

The woman who accused senior BJP leader Chinmayanand reportedly has an “explosive video evidence” to support her charge, which was handed to the police on a pen drive by her friend.

The friend handed over the pen drive to the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT). The SIT has reportedly questioned the woman for more than 15 hours.

The young woman alleged that she was raped by the former union minister for a year, reportedly filmed Chinmayanand with a camera on her spectacles.

Chinmayanand, who was a BJP Member of Parliament in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, reported blackmail her.

When the police recorded her statement last week, the woman said she went to the politician for admission into his law college last year. He allegedly admitted her, gave her a job in the college library and then advised her to move into the hostel. After she did, he allegedly called her and showed her a video of her taking a bath.

Using the video, Chinmayanand allegedly raped the student. She says he also filmed the assault and used it to blackmail her. She says she decided to start filming him earlier this year and for this, installed a camera in her glasses.

Chinmayanand has rejected all charges and said that he has “full faith in the judiciary”. On Tuesday, his lawyer rejected the woman’s allegations, calling it a “drama”.

The woman went missing last month after posting a video Facebook accusing the politician, without naming him, of exploiting students at his institutes. Amid public outrage, the UP police filed a missing complaint three days after her family came to them.

The woman was found in Rajasthan six days later, and produced before the Supreme Court, which heard her allegations and ordered an SIT to investigate.

Last week, the woman filed a rape complaint against Chinmayanand, who has not been questioned or charged by the police so far.

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