Unused mobile phones around the world weigh more than 54 Boeing 747-8 jets

The number of mobile phones lying dormant in our closets and drawers is equal to the weight of about 54 Boeing 747-8 aeroplanes or more than 138 blue whales.

According to a recent study covering 27 countries worldwide, the cumulative number of shelved cell phones per capita accounts for some 23,964 tonnes of e-waste.

Leaving unused phones in a closet or drawer may not seem important. But, according to the study, all these shelved devices across the 27 countries represent a sales value of €1.9 billion in precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper (used to manufacture smartphones).

The study also looked at the percentage of people selling or gifting used mobile phones. Denmark leads the way with an average of 49% of households, followed by France and Poland, both with 41% of households selling or gifting used cell phones.

Philipp Gattner, the CEO of reBuy in a statement. “With this index, we want to educate people about e-waste and help everyone to consider buying refurbished tech products to give technology a second-life.”