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Unruly passenger duct-taped to her seat for trying to open door mid-air, biting flight attendant

An unruly woman passenger who allegedly tried opening the door of the aircraft mid-air was duct-taped to her seat.

The crew initially tried to calm her down, they were ultimately forced to use a strict way to deal with nuisance.

Dramatic footage of the incident that has now gone viral shows this woman being tied to her seat with the help of duct tape.

The incident took place on an American Airlines flight from Texas to North Carolina.

The woman in question reportedly had a ‘mental breakdown’ and tried to open the door of the aircraft to get out, nearly an hour after this 3 hour-long flight took off.

The flight was running several hours when it took off from Texas just before midnight. Around 1:30am, passengers saw the airline crew running up and down the aisle as this incident started.

The first effort was to calm the woman down but things soon escalated and the lady even tried biting and scratching the attendants while screaming that she needed to ‘get off this plane’.

Ultimately, the crew was forced to use hard measures to get the situation in control and they used duct tape to tie her to a seat.

American Airlines defended the move by the crew members and said it was necessary for ensuring the safety of the other passengers. The woman was later taken to a hospital after everyone got off the plane.

While the investigations of the incident are still on, American Airlines has reportedly put the woman on their ‘internal’ no-fly list.