United States reveals its Space Force uniform

The United States Space Force – the country’s newest military service in seven decades revealed its new uniform. The unit unveiled the picture of the new camouflaged uniform with its new name tapes on its official Twitter account on Saturday.

The photo immediately caused a stir on the internet, drawing thousands of reactions, including praise, outrage and mockery.

Some asked why the members of the Space Force would wear camouflage in space.

To which the Space Force in response said using the same camouflage pattern as the other services helps as it “saves taxpayer dollars, in addition to establishing uniformity within the U.S. military.”

The force was officially launched by US President Donald Trump on December 20.

The Space Command will focus on war fighting — akin to the Pentagon’s regional commands like CentCom — while the Space Force will encompass broader missions like training, procurement, long-term planning and other functions.

The Space Force will be comprised of about 16,000 Air Force and civilian personnel, according to Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett.