United States: Police officer dies following shooting ‘incident’ outside the Pentagon building

A police officer died on Tuesday after shots were fired outside the Pentagon building.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, which oversees the security of the Pentagon, confirmed the officer’s death in a tweet late Tuesday, hours after reports first surfaced.

“The Pentagon Force Protection Agency mourns the tragic loss of a Pentagon Police Officer killed during this morning’s incident at the Pentagon. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Officer’s family. Additional info on the officer will be forthcoming, following full next of kin notification,” it said.

There are conflicting reports related to the incident among local press. Some reports claimed that the officer had been shot during the incident. Another report said the officer was stabbed by an assailant and other officers responded rapidly and shot the suspect.

The exact circumstances of the shooting incident are still unclear and Pentagon officials offered little clarity during a press briefing earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking to reporters, Pentagon Force Protection Agency Chief Woodrow Kusse repeatedly declined to provide substantive details about what occurred and would not confirm or deny reports that an officer had died, citing an ongoing investigation.

Chief Woodrow Kusse did tell reporters during the briefing that an officer was attacked on a bus platform outside the building and that the incident was over, with “no continuing threat” to the area.

“Gunfire was exchanged and there were several casualties,” he said. While Kusse acknowledged there were several injuries, he would not say whether anyone was killed in the incident.

Kusse also said, after being pressed multiple times by reporters, that law enforcement is “not actively looking for another suspect at this time.”

The “shooting event” occurred on the bus platform on the Pentagon complex and prompted a lockdown of the building with no personnel allowed outside, according to a message that was sent to the Pentagon workforce by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

The Metro Bus platform, which is a major entrance to the Pentagon used by thousands of personnel every day entering and leaving the building.

The bus platform is used by multiple bus lines in the area.