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United States: Dog stabbed to death during hike on popular trail in California

A dog was stabbed to death during a hike on a popular trail in California, United States.

Atascadero police say two men had been walking their dogs off-leash when the dogs, which had been involved in a past incident, began to fight.

Neighbors say the dogs involved were a husky and a Rottweiler.

APD says one of the owners, identified as the husky owner by neighbors, used a pocket knife to stab the Rottweiler in an attempt to stop the fight.

The Rottweiler died from its injuries.

The Atascadero trail is a popular spot for people to walk their dogs off-leash.

Neighbors say they first heard yelling.

“They were using foul language and really loud,” said Randy Azelton.

He then took a look outside.

“And I saw these two guys carrying what I thought might have been a body so I called the police station and told them we need help,” Azelton said.

If charges are filed the man who stabbed the dog faces a sentence for up to 3 years.