Unilever to rebrand Fair & Lovely as Glow & Lovely

Skin lightening cosmetic, Fair & Lovely will rebrand as Glow & Lovely. Hindustan Unilever Limited who makes the product made the announcement following worldwide outrage on colorism which was amplified by the Black Lives Movement.

Unilever has said that the change would be effective in the months to come after receiving regulatory approvals.

In a research the company has claimed that “90 percent of Indian women want to use whiteners. Fair skin is regarded as a social and economic step up.”

The product Fair & Lovely accounts for about 40 percent of the face care category in India.

Earlier, L’Oreal also announced that it would remove terms such as as white, fair and light from its product line.

Other companies such as Johnson & Johnson went to the extent to announce that it would stop selling skin whitening creams.

Most whitening creams act as melanin suppressors. Stearic acid sourced from animal body fat is mostly used to make such products.