Uncontrollable bushfires continue raging in Australia

A cataclysmic bushfire is threatening Australia’s largest city, Sydney and its surrounding areas. Thousands of vulnerable residents are being asked to leave and seek shelter in shopping centres.

Three people were reported dead and some 200 homes were lost in the bushfires.

Close to 1,300 firefighters were continuing to battle blazes across two state, New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland.

On Sunday more than a 112 blazes were still burning across .

Prime Minister Scott Morrison after after visiting an evacuation centre said: “My only thoughts today are with those who have lost their lives and their families.”

High temperatures, low humidity and strong winds will ease on Monday but worsen on Tuesday, challenging crews and people battling to save homes.

The drought conditions in the area are forcing water-bombing aircrafts to travel long distances to access water.

Firefighters from New Zealand were flown in to help emergency crews. Hundreds of civilians have also volunteered to help affected areas.

Most schools and colleges in vulnerable areas will remain shut on Monday and Tuesday.

The federal government announced that disaster recovery payments of $1,000 per adult and $400 per child would be made available immediately through Centrelink for people affected by fires in NSW and Queensland.

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