UN asks Saudi-UAE coalition to take responsibility for killing over 100 people in Yemen prison attack

The United Nations special envoy of the Secretary-General to Yemen condemned the Saudi-UAE-led coalition attack on a prison run by Houthi rebels and called on the military alliance to investigate the deadly air raids.

Martin Griffiths, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen statement’s on Sunday, came after the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said more than 100 people were “presumed killed” in the bombing in Dhamar city in western Yemen.

Houthi officials said more than 60 people had died in the attack overnight on Sunday. Dozens were wounded.

Griffiths called the incident a “tragedy”.

Rescue workers continued to pull the dead and wounded from the rubble at the site of the attack north of the city of Dhamar. Al Masirah TV quoting Houthi officials said the facility, formerly a community college, housed about 170 prisoners of war.

This attack is one of the deadliest this year by the coalition.

Meanwhile, the coalition while confirming the air raids on Dhamar said it targeted a Houthi site storing drones and missiles. Western powers backed the alliance and said the move was to protect civilians in Dhamar and the assault complied with international law.

However, the Houthi rebels rejected the coalition’s claims the community college was a weapons store.

With the help of the the United States, the Saudi-UAE coalition has carried out more than 18,000 raids on Houthi-held areas since March 2015. Yemen Data Project, that tracks war said the Saudi-UAE coalition raids killed thousands of Yemeni civilians in schools, hospitals and wedding parties.

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