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Ukraine: Bonfire triggers World War I bomb at honeymoon party injuring the bride and killing her brother

A honeymoon party accidentally triggered a buried World War I bomb at a campsite in Ukraine, seriously injuring the bride and killing two others.

It took place in the Carpathian Mountains where Norbert Varga and Lidiia Makarchuk were celebrating their marriage with their friends and family, the Daily Mail reported.

The couple and ten others, including two children, were gathered around a bonfire telling stories and drinking tea when the bomb detonated.

“They started a fire to keep warm, in a place where many other campers had started a fire previously,” a GoFundMe page for the couple said.

“Suddenly, there was an explosion that came from the ground underneath the fire.”

It was initially unclear where the explosion came from, the GoFundMe page said, adding that it was later confirmed that “the explosion was indeed caused by an undetonated WWI bomb.”

The bomb is thought to be from the time of the Brusilov Offensive in 1916, a campaign waged by Russia against Austria-Hungary.

The newlywed woman suffered major burns to her face, hands, and legs, while her brother Myroslav and another man at the party died from their injuries after it took emergency service 90 minutes to arrive.