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UK woman installs CCTV to catch neighbours climb wall, relax in her garden while she’s at work

A woman was shocked after discovering that her neighbours climbed over her wall to use her garden while she was at work.

The unnamed UK woman who lives in a house next to a block of flats she started to grow suspicious after noticing things had been moved around in her garden.

The woman posted the incident on Mumsnet, a London-based internet forum usually meant for discussion between parents of children and teenagers.

She decided to install an outdoor camera under her guttering to try and get to the bottom of it, with footage revealing her neighbours had been sitting in her garden for six hours and even used her garden furniture.

She went on to say that the culprits live in the flats next to her house but have no garden or courtyard – before pointing out there’s a park the other side of her house with large areas of grass they could use.

The frustrated woman believes they have been doing it since the sunny weather started – and are clearly able to see when she’s out because her car is not in the driveway.


I have a block of flats next to my house and I thought for a while things have been moved in my garden and it seemed a bit weird. I’ve got a lock on the gate and it’s always locked. So over the weekend I’ve installed a small out door camera under my guttering which records the whole back garden.

So I’ve come home tonight after work (I work the late shift) and found two cigarette butts on the path by my seating area. So I checked the camera and the neighbors have climbed my wall and been sitting in my garden from 2pm until 8pm using my seating and table. To say I’m annoyed is an understatement but how to I confront them as they aren’t the friendliest of people at the best of times. So I guess they’ve been doing this since the nice weather began.

Unfortunately it’s not difficult to see i’m out as I have to drive to work and so once my cars not there they obviously know I’m out.

I just don’t know how to approach this as I’m a single woman and just concerned it’ll escalate but I can’t allow this what would you all do? I thought maybe a note through their door asking them to not use it anymore. They haven’t seen the camera but now I wonder how long it’s been going on.


Many were quick to offer ways in which she could make it harder for the trespasses to climb over her wall.

‘Can you put something on the wall (trellis type) to stop them being able to climb over? That’s very rude. Do they not have a garden?’ suggested one,’ while a second advised: ‘Spikes on the top of the fence, or anti climb paint.’

A third added: ‘I’d buy anti climb spikes (cheap as chips on Amazon) and put them up. With a sign saying private garden on the wall.’

‘Talk loudly to other neighbours about how you think people have been using your garden but don’t know who, but it’s ok as you will start to film shortly. That will hopefully work without having to deal with them face to face.’

Elsewhere, a fourth penned: ‘I would make a sign to put on the table top. “You are trespassing, you are being recorded, and the police will be called.”‘