UK supermarket closes after mouse jumps out of customer’s handbag at billing counter

A woman was left horrified after a mouse escaped from her handbag at a supermarket store in the United Kingdom forcing the store to close down on May 21.

The rodent caused widespread chaos and panic at the ALDI store in the village of Lake, near Sandown in England that customers were asked to leave immediately as the staff members went on a wild chase to catch the rodent.

The woman shared the incident on social media said she almost ‘died of shame’ in Aldi after she opened her purse to pay in the store but a ‘mouse jumped out and onto the floor.’

The unexpected guest was caught by the woman’s pet cat, the night before, and put it into her bag  a common behaviour of felines.

“Thanks to the cat, I’ve just died of shame in Aldi,” she wrote detailing the incident. The woman ‘apologised profusely’ as the checkout man was running through the aisle chasing it down.

As the tiny rodent ran for freedom, staff chased after it with torchlights, causing an impromptu closure ‘due to health and safety manner’. The store remained closed for a few hours until the mouse was chased down before it disappeared out of sight.