UK sending motorists on 60 km drive to avoid 0.05 km road work

In one of the County in UK for sending off motorists on a detour 41 mile or 60 kilometer in order to avoid just 165 feet roadwork. Motorists diverted into the neighboring county of Somerset from Dorset village of Godmanstone in order to avoid the roadwork on the A352 highway.

Because of this detour, drivers will have to travel for more than one hour only to come back to a couple of miles along the road in Godmanstone, according to Google maps. The road will remain closed from October 28 till November 1, due to the construction of a sewer connection on the street.

In a statement, Dorset Council said, The official diversion has to be suitable for the type of traffic that would normally use the closed section. This is an A road so we have used other A roads for the diversion.

In addition to that, the Council cleared that smaller vehicles will be using minor roads as the diversion, which means that all vehicles do not have to travel the 41 mile distance to cover the road block. The Council also announced that if anyone is found contravening the notice, trying to cross the blocked road, they are liable to pay a fine of upto $1,285.

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