UK police complete delivery of KEBABS after arresting delivery driver under the influence of drug

A police officer completed the delivery of a meal to a customer after arresting the person who was originally supposed to deliver it.

The incident that happened in Woodley, Berkshire, England.

In a tweet the Thames Valley Police explained that the driver lied about the details of his documents because he did not have a driver’s license and car insurance. They also shared pictures of the car tyre which was worn off and said that the cord was exposed. Lastly, he was also driving under the influence of a drug.

They also informed that he had a food delivery package in the car. While committing many offences and in his drugged state, he was going to deliver the middle eastern cuisine ‘kebabs’ to a customer.

The police said that one of them walked to the customer’s house, which was only three houses away, to deliver his meal.