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UK pig farmers lather sunscreen and wet towels on animals as temperatures soar

Europe continues to battle a scorching heat wave. The UK on Monday experienced temperatures as high as 40 degree Celsius.

The soaring temperature in the United Kingdom has now compelled pig farmers in the country to lather their animals in sunscreen and wet towels.

According to reports, some pig owners have decided to lather their animals in sunscreen to protect them from getting sunburnt.

The ongoing heatwave coincides with the Royal Welsh Show. It is one of the prime events in the British agricultural calendar with four days of competitions, entertainment and attractions.

Award-winning pig farmer Ela Mair told BBC that she will be covering her six pigs including five pedigree Welsh pigs in cold wet towels to keep them cool. She said pigs do not let out the heat as well as other animals which makes it difficult to keep them cool.

The 45-year-old added that she puts cold wet towels over the animals but they need to be careful that the heat does not dry the towels too quickly which can have a counterproductive effect. The trick is to keep the pigs in the shade as much as possible and keep the fans on them, said Mair.

On Monday, the UK experienced one of its hottest days on record, with a high of 38.1C and forecasters are warning it will be warmer still on Tuesday. The British administration also declared national emergency across the country due to the hot weather.