UK Lawmakers Reject No-Deal Brexit

British lawmakers unanimously rejected no-deal Brexit, this delays UK’s departure from the European Union.

Lawmakers would now vote on Thursday to decide whether Brexit should be postponed beyond the current 29th March deadline. However this move doesn’t change the legal position, Britain will leave UK within two weeks unless EU agree to delay Brexit.

Theresa May told the House of Commons that, “The legal default in UK and EU law remains that the UK will leave the EU without a deal unless something else is agreed.”

She added that she would ask the EU to delay Brexit if Parliament could agree on a withdrawal deal. “If the House finds a way in the coming days to support a deal, it would allow the government to seek a short technical extension. Such a short technical extension is only likely to be on offer if there’s a deal in place,” May told Parliament.

If UK leaves without a deal there is a possibility of huge delays at ports, food shortages in supermarkets, and a rise in long simmering tensions in Northern Ireland. But if they stay, then UK may have to take part in elections to the European Parliament in May in this year.

As the clock keeps ticking, there is no way the British lawmakers will now agree for May’s deal as it was rejected twice.