UK Government Clears Vijay Mallya’s Extradition To India

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya extradition was approved by the United Kingdom government early Monday morning. Mallya has two weeks to appeal against the decision if not he will be extradited to India to face trial in the banking fraud he committed of over ₹9000 crore.

The 62 year old borrowed public money from various state owned banks for his airline company Kingfisher. The company did not survive, and drowned him in a ton of loans. This prompted Vijay Mallya to run away to safe havens like the United Kingdom in 2016.

CBI and ED, agencies of Government of India since then have been fighting court cases in UK courts to bring back Vijay Mallya. Mr. Mallay used all the cards such as threat to life, poor condition of Indian jails etc,etc.. to divert the UK courts.

In December last year, a UK court approved India’s extradition request. Today, after getting the UK government clearance Mallya has 14 days to appeal against his extradition.