Typhoon In-fa slams southern Japan with strong winds and extremely heavy rainfall

Typhoon In-fa slams southern Japanese islands and has its eye set on eastern China by next week. The storm could bring extremely heavy rainfall totals to millions in China and Taiwan.

And behind In-fa, there is a tropical threat for northern and central parts of Japan, which could potentially impact the Olympic Games by early next week.

Typhoon In-fa is currently located about 320 kilometers from Okinawa and is starting to move northwest. The storm’s maximum winds are at 150 kph, as of 6:00am local time on Friday, an update from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) read.

In-fa has had slight weakening mid-week due to dry air, thus weakening its thunderstorms, as well as slightly cooler sea surface temperatures.

The good news is no significant strengthening of this storm is expected because of this; but it will still be a Category 2 equivalent hurricane impacting land in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

In-fa will continue to slowly track in the general northwest direction through Friday local time with maximum winds around 165kph while impacting Okinawa and other parts of the southern Japanese islands.

In addition to the strong winds, there will continue to be heavy rain. The area in and near Miyakojima, Japan, will be in the bull’s-eye of the heavy rain, with an additional 20-plus inches of rainfall forecast.

The center of the storm is expected to pass more than 100 miles to the north of Taiwan, but the island will still receive major amounts of rain.