Typhoon Hagibis: Relief and rescue operations begin after deadly storm

Eleven people were reportedly killed in Japan following the biggest storm in decades.

Typhoon Hagibis triggered floods, landslides and winds battered the country with speeds greater than 225 kmph. Rivers have breached their banks in at least 14 different places, inundating residential neighbourhoods.

The Rugby World Cup matches being cancelled but a key fixture between Japan and Scotland will go ahead on Sunday. The Japanese Formula One Grand Prix is also taking place on Sunday.

Hagibis is heading north and is expected to move back into the North Pacific later on Sunday.

The typhoon made landfall on Saturday in Izu Peninsula, south-west of Tokyo and moved up the east coast. Almost half a million homes were left without power.

In the town of Hakone near Mount Fuji rain more than 1m fell on Friday and Saturday, the highest total ever recorded in Japan over 48 hours.

Further in the Nagano prefecture the Chikuma river gave way sending water rushing through residential areas, inundating houses. Flood defences around Tokyo have held and river levels were slowly falling.

Another 15 people have been listed as missing and dozens are reported injured.

About 7 million people were urged to leave their homes as the huge storm approached. Many residents stocked up on provisions before the typhoon’s arrival, leaving supermarkets with empty shelves.

All flights to and from Tokyo’s Haneda airport and Narita airport in Chiba have been cancelled. Bullet train services were halted and several lines on the Tokyo metro were suspended.

Typhoon Hagibis Chaos
Typhoon Hagibis Chaos
Typhoon Hagibis Chaos
Typhoon Hagibis Chaos
Typhoon Hagibis Chaos
Typhoon Hagibis chaos
Typhoon Hagibis Chaos

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