Two planes avoid head-on collision at Edinburgh airport

Two planes avoided a close shave with each other on the runway by just a few seconds, and it’s video was going viral online.

The incident took place at the Edinburgh airport, where the two airplanes managed to avoid a close shave with each other by just two seconds. As per UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) the two planes, one a Norwegian Boeing 737 and easyJet Airbus A320, came within 875 metres of each other.

The incident took place in August last year, however the investigation was made public recently.

Reports suggest that the incident took place when the Boeing 737 was over the runway surface and the Airbus A320 was still on the runway completing its take off roll. Only when the distance between the two aircrafts reduced did the controllers realise the closeness.

The report added that a combination of factors, such as the brief delay in departure of the A320 and the speed of the Boeing 737 higher than normal, led to the reduction in separation.