Two men go out of their way to save cat from falling off 30-feet high window

Two Russian good Samaritans went out of their way to help a scared cat stuck outside a second-floor window.

In a viral half-a-minute video, the distressed cat seemed to be struggling to get back inside the apartment as it was stuck in a window of a second-floor apartment in the city of Krasnodar, Russia. The frightened cat was frantically moving in an attempt to get back inside safely while its owners were out for work.

The feline tried for more than an hour to get itself free from the half-open window but in vain. Locals called the emergency services informing them about the alarming situation but they turned down the request to help the terrified animal almost on the brink of falling from a 30 feet high window.

Then came two locals who didn’t give up on the cat and proceeded to take matters into their own hands. Two men, Denis and Sergei can be spotted in the video trying to save the cat from falling as they rescue it using scaffolding from a nearby construction site.

The brave duo borrowed the scaffolding from a construction site and one of them climbed on a stage set to reach the animal using a long pipe to push it back inside the room. The duo successfully lifted the cat using a metal pole and finally saved the feline’s life.

Marina Grink, a local resident and wife of Sergei, applauded the duo’s efforts and bravery. She called them ‘heroes’ for their kind act. She reveals the cat was “meowing for an hour” and the emergency service refused to come.