Two Eurofighter jets collide mid-air fall in north Germany

Two fighter jets collided over Germany before crashing into a remote part of northern Germany. Local media reported that the two planes were Eurofighter jets of the German air force and their pilots were able to eject.

The fighter jets were on an air combat mission when they collided and crashed, a development that was witnessed by a third Eurofighter pilot flying nearby.

Local radio station Ostseewelle reported that the two Eurofighter jets collided shortly before 2 p.m. (local time) Monday near Lake Mueritz, about 100 kilometers north of Germany’s capital Berlin.

German air force in a tweet said, “The pilot of the third Eurofighter observed the collision and reported that two parachutes descended to the ground … together with a third Eurofighter they were flying an Air Combat Mission.”

Spokesperson of Germany’s interior ministry said, “I can confirm that there was an accident involving two aircraft in northern Germany.”

The Schweriner Volkszeitung daily reported that falling wreckage caused forest fires and may also have hit inhabited areas. Two media outlets reported that the pilots of the Eurofighters — made by a consortium of European aerospace companies including Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo — were yet to be located.

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