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Two cruise ships crash into each other in Mexico

A Carnival cruise ship trying to dock in Cozumel, Mexico, crashed into an already-docked ship at the port Friday morning, leaving six passengers injured.

Carnival Glory was maneuvering to dock in Cozumel around 8.30am local time on Friday when it struck the Carnival Legend, which had already moored behind it, leaving its stern visibly impacted.

Guests were evacuated from the dining room following the incident.

As per Carnival Cruise Line spokesman Vance Gulliksen, Carnival Glory was trying to dock when it “made contact” with the smaller Carnival Legend, which was already docked. He referred to the crash as, technically, an “allision,” a nautical term meaning one of the objects was not moving when it was struck. It wasn’t immediately clear how the accident happened.

Experts said they expected investigators to look at several factors: what the mooring plan was for the Carnival Glory, what role wind and other weather might have played, whether the ship’s engines had any issues that could have affected propulsion and what was going on at the ship’s controls.

Video and images show the Glory swinging into the port and passing close to the prow of the Legend. Suddenly a loud crash can be heard.

The Carnival Glory is a Conquest-class cruise liner that departs from New Orleans and tours the Caribbean and Panama Canal.

The Glory can sleep almost 3,000 guests and another 1,000 crew.

The Carnival Legend is a Spirit-class ship that departs from locations across the US and Europe, including New York and London, cruising to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal and across the Atlantic.

It is the smaller of the two vessels – with a passenger capacity of a little over 2,000 and crew of 900.