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Twitch streamer swatted during meet and greet event after pranksters send fake officers to arrest him

A Twitch star was swatted during a rooftop event after a prankster called 911 falsely claiming he had a weapon.

Adin Ross was at a meet-and-greet on the rooftop of Cookies n Kicks on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Saturday when an LAPD helicopter flew overhead and several patrol cars pulled up outside.

It was quickly established that the call to the police had been fake and cops left the premises.

But when the 20-year-old social media star later went downstairs and into the sports store, he appeared to be arrested by the LAPD.

Video showed ‘officers’ arresting him and leading him out a car, and driving him away. It later emerged that the cops had been actors and that the stunt had been another prank.

Swatting has become a dangerous trend that involves people calling the police or a SWAT team on an individual they don’t like with false claims they have drugs or a weapon.

The stunt can have deadly results.

Ross was banned from Twitch following a live stream on July 7 inside his car, where he was filmed by another passenger.

Ross was seen checking his phone several times whilst driving. Several Twitter users have recorded the incident, which shows Adin stopping at a red light whilst checking his phone and reacting to the Twitch chat.

Twitch guidelines will ban users for any illegal activity, and Californian state law says that ‘driving while using a handheld cellular device or texting’ is considered a crime.

Ross was reinstated on July 10.