Turkish influencer prosecuted for posting photos from inside Amsterdam sex museum

A Turkish social media influencer is being prosecuted for posting photos from inside the world-famous Sex Museum in Amsterdam.

Merve Taskin, 23, shared pictures of sex toys she bought at the museum during a birthday trip to the Netherlands in January last year.

A few months later she says she was arrested in Turkey, where sharing obscene content is considered a crime.

Under Turkish law, any person who publishes obscene material can be fined or sentenced to jail for up to three years.

Ms Taskin who lives in Istanbul has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. She visited Amsterdam with two friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

One item of their to-do list was the Sex Museum, which attracts tourists from across the world.

To Ms Taskin, the pictures seemed innocent enough, but back in Turkey, authorities took a different view.

She says she was arrested twice in the months following her return, once during a summer holiday. On the second occasion, she said she gave a statement to a prosecutor.

This, Ms Taskin believed, would be the end of the matter. But earlier this year, she was surprised to receive a text message summoning her to court in Istanbul.

She tweeted about the court summons last week, leading to widespread coverage of her case.

Human rights groups say freedom of expression online has been in decline under the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.