Trump’s visa ban has separated thousands of families

The Trump administration has been successful in blocking at least 375,000 people from entering the United States even though they hold visas.

Global lockdown amid the pandemic and the suspension of visas has separated thousands of people from their families.

The ban restricts immigration into the United States for the rest of the year, affecting not only families but also hundreds of companies and employees.

Companies have insisted that they require highly skilled workers, but Trump has forced them to hire local workers.

Critics believe that the coronavirus pandemic was the ideal time for the administration to go berserk on anti-immigration laws.

Julia Gelatt, Migration Policy Institute has said that t 375,000 temporary visa holders and green card applicants will not be allowed to enter the US until next year with the vast majority of them from India.

Natasha Bhat , who works in the United States flew to India on a personal visit in February but is stuck here away from her husband for four months now. She is working from home in India, but living a US time zone.

Natasha has lived in the United States for nine years and she too hasn’t been spared by these tough regulations.

Google, Microsoft and many Indian companies have urged President Trump to reconsider his decision.