Trump’s attempts to overturn election result has cost taxpayers more than $519 million so far

Former US President Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election outcome has cost taxpayers more than $519 million, The Washington Post has found.

The tallied cost covers of local, state, and federal spending records, and interviews with government officials. It also includes legal fees, damage costs from the Capitol siege in January, military and security expenses, and more.

Not long after the election was declared a victory for President Joe Biden, Trump falsely claimed there was mass election fraud, saying, with no evidence, that the election was stolen.

Trump and his Republican allies spent the weeks leading up to Biden’s inauguration filing dozens of lawsuits in swing states attempting to overturn the results, delay certification, or throw out votes. They failed to win any of them.

Altogether, states spent $2.2 million on legal challenges and security for election officials, the Post found.

Pennsylvania, for instance, paid outside lawyers as much as $480 per hour to work against Trump’s election fraud lawsuits.

The Post reported that the cost for deploying National Guard troops in Washington DC after Trump supporters breached the US capital was estimated at least $480 million. Additionally, the week of the attack, the DC Metropolitan Police spent $8.8 million protecting the Capitol.

States so far also spent $28 million for security relating to the insurrection and inauguration, the Post reported.

Costs for repairing the Capitol to clean up the damage of the attack, the cost for the US Park Police to clean up the National Mall, and costs for additional staffing, overtime, and medical bills from Capitol Police are also still unknown.