Trump threatens to destroy Turkey’s economy

President Donald Trump has threatened to devastate the economy of Turkey, if they attack their ally Kurds in Syria.

Who are the Kurds? It is a small community residing in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. These people have joined the war to defeat the ISIS in 2014. They are backed by the United States and have successfully helped to reduce ISIS’s territory in the region.

The Kurds feel fighting the ISIS with the help of US would help them establish their independent country, “Kurdistan” by 2030. To which Turkey opposes.

The United States have started their withdrawal from the middle east war. This makes the perfect move for Turkey to attack the Kurds, as they see some Kurds as terrorist outfits.

The President of United States in a series of tweets warned Turkey, but also warned the Kurds not to provoke Turkey.

In the fight against ISIS, both Turkey and Kurds have been an ally.