Trump repeatedly refers to Alabama football coach by the wrong name

President Donald Trump repeatedly referred to the University of Alabama’s head football coach Nick Saban by the wrong name during the eve of the state’s Republican runoff race.

As Trump praised Tommy Tuberville, the former head coach of Auburn University, he also lauded a football coach Saban.

“Really successful coach,” Trump said of Tuberville, whom he’s vigorously endorsed in the race against his former attorney general Jeff Sessions.

“Beat Alabama, like six in a row, but we won’t even mention that. As he said … because of that, maybe we got ’em Lou Saban … And he’s great, Lou Saban, what a great job he’s done.”

While Trump was correct in pointing out that Tuberville led Auburn to six straight wins over Alabama between 2002 and 2007, he may have been referring to Lou Saban, the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills in the 1960s who died in 2009. Lou Saban did have a brief stint at the University of Miami, where he lost to Alabama and Bear Bryant in the 1970s.

Nick Saban brought the Alabama football team to the White House in 2018 after Trump briefly attended the national championship in Atlanta. Nick shares the common last name with Lou, but there isn’t anything more.

Lou Saban was 0-1 in his career against Alabama, losing to Bear Bryant’s team in 1977. He coached in college and in the NFL, including the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos.