Trump administration softens stance on H-1B visa ban

Weeks after Trump administration signed off on the suspension of non-immigrant visas such as H-1B for whole of 2020, the United States State Department has now made some exceptions.

H-1B and L-1 visa holders, who are returning to the same jobs they had prior to the proclamation of the visa ban, will be allowed to enter the US, an advisory on August 12 said.

Trump administration granted an exception from the ban for “travel by applicants seeking to resume ongoing employment in the US in the same position with the same employer and visa classification”.

The US Department of State advisory said dependents will also be allowed to travel along with primary visa holders.

“Forcing employers to replace employees in this situation may cause financial hardship,” it added.

On July 22, Donald Trump signed a proclamation that suspended non-immigrant visas such as H-1B till the end of the year in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.