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Truck carrying heavy space equipment takes 1 year to travel 1,700km to deliver cargo

A huge truck fitted with 74 wheels took over a year to cover a distance of about 1,700km from Nashik and Thiruvananthapuram in India. It was loaded with 70 tonnes Aerospace Horizontal Autoclave meant for Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. Its used to make weightless material.

The cargo was so heavy that he truck designed by Volvo could move only 5km every day. It began its journey in July 2019, travelled through four states to get the machine delivered to its destination.

“We started the journey on July 8, 2019, from Maharashtra. Now after travelling for one year and across four states, we have reached Thiruvananthapuram. We hope to deliver the cargo today at VRCC,” a staff member travelling with the cargo told ANI.

“We’re using ropes to carry the cargo’s weight. It’s being pulled by two axles, front and back. Both have 32 wheels each and the puller has 10 wheels. The puller is pulling it all. Drop deck weighs 10 tonnes and the cargo weighs 78 tonnes. The weight is distributed on the two axles.”

32 staff members accompanied the truck through its journey.

The staff said due to height of the machine, they were unable to transport it via Cargo in ship and thus had to choose road. The team deployed to keep the truck moving forward had various tasks to ensure smooth movement on public roads without causing blockades. They had to regularly coordinate with local authorities to clear obstacles on the route.

The coronavirus restrictions further delayed its journey.