Tribunal set up to probe Perth fried chicken restaurant’s smell

A tribunal was set up to probe and decide if a fried chicken restaurant’s case passes the smell test.

7Grams Chicken Cafe & Restaurant moved to Lake Street from North Perth last year and has been met with a series of odour complaints ever since.

The City of Vincent even took the unprecedented step of hiring a professional sniffer to assess the issue after a petition with 26 signatures over the smell was presented to it in June.

The petition claimed the odour had been an issue since mid-November last year because it was “offensive and permeates outdoor areas and dwellings and has a detrimental impact on residents’ quality of life”.

Odour consultant Phillipe Najean held six patrols and found when there was no wind, no smell could be detected within a 160m radius of the store.

But Mr Najean discovered on a windy day an “obvious” fried and oily smell could be detected 100m from the stacks and a subtle smell could be detected 140m away.

The City hit the restaurant with a Health Act Notice “to stop emitting odours from the exhaust stack” by November 23.

The restaurant owner said the complaints were unfair. The owner said she replaced the fans and put a lot of money into upgrades after the initial complaints.

“It’s deep fried chicken, so obviously there is a smell, so we put a lot of effort and money into the upgrades so there wouldn’t be a smell,” she said.

The owner said they even spent $15,000 putting their ducts up higher, but the complaints only increased.

“About a month ago we met the City and they asked us to solve the problem in 60 days but they didn’t tell us what the solution was,” the owner said.

The owner pointed out the smell occurred only on windy days and that they “can’t control the wind.”

The tribunal will hear the matter next week on November 5.