Tribal black magicians bizarre “ritual” to treat fever

When a tribal woman caught a fever that refused to subside even after three days, she visited the local sorcerer. She subjected herself to his bizarre “treatment ritual”, which involved the man biting her all over her body.

The black magician put his mouth to her back, neck, chest, belly and shoulders as part of the treatment of the 55-year-old woman, Dule Beti.

This bizarre practice took place in India’s state of Odisha – Malkangiri district.

For thousands of villagers of the Koya primitive tribe in Malkangiri district, such strange rituals comprise medical treatment as access to modern healthcare continues to elude them.

The patient is usually made to sit on mud floor stretched out, the sorcerer holding a bundle of peacock feathers and some rice, practiced what they call an age-old technique of healing. This is a three session ritual to cure any patient of fever.

The sorcerer reportedly brought Dule Beti much needed relief from fever.

Villagers follow this practice because they have no money to visit hospitals, nor do doctors visit the area.

Malkangiri district in southern Odisha suffers from a Maoist insurgency due to which most villages inhabited by tribals have no all-weather roads.

Source : Various